BLOG \\ Tips for Picking Colors for your window treatments

Take your interior to a new level

Why do we find one place appealing and are uneasy in another? Why are we attracted to a room but not another? It all comes down to color. Color sets for many things, it sends our brain the signal to be happy, hungry or sad. This shows in what we wear to how we dress our room.

The effects of color range from subtle to significant. The use of colors is important to us from the setting in our homes to our offices at work.

Total Makeover or Enhancement?

If you are considering a colored window treatment/ roller shade for your home or office, you must consider your goal. Are you just enhancing the existing room with the current furniture and wall colors? Or are you doing a complete makeover to the room? Based on your answer, it will determine the range of colors you can play with for your window treatment. Let’s say that you are working with existing furniture, to get started, select the color drawn from the furniture piece as a main color or accent.

color for rooms window shades

Let’s say you have an olive green sofa set, with that you can up-play the colors with a brighter more energetic green for the window roller shade. Oftentimes it is a good idea to start with one color from your favorite piece of furniture and play on that color with your window treatment or roller shade.

Setting the Mood

When determining the right color for a room (whether home or office), it is good to consider the type of mood you want to set. Do you want it to be serious or playful? Blue and neutral colors are good for the work/ office setting. This means blues, blacks, beiges, browns and everything in between is safe for the office. However if you are looking for a warm and energetic room, consider orange and yellow window roller shades to enhance the room.

Example: Dining area


With many choices in colors, window roller shades can give the dining area a certain feel based on your preference. If you want it to be sociable and stimulating, then you can easily set the mood. With custom printed window roller shades, you can have any image digitally printed for a more formal and quiet setting (if that is your preference). Remember that warmer, brighter colors add to a fun and down-to-earth atmosphere; whereas deeper blue-greens and neutrals will provide a more formal ambiance to the dining room.